Discount Bamboo Shades

Buying discount bamboo shades is the most cost effective way to get an exotic, tropical look in your home. Bamboo shades can be great environmentally friendly window coverings because bamboo is a renewable resource that doesn't require chemicals to grow. Bamboo shades look great, help block sun and provide privacy. Discount bamboo shades are an economically friendly way of decorating.

Bamboo shades are a niche market of the window covering scene. While the original, true bamboo shades are really made of bamboo, many variations made of jute, rattan, reeds, and woven woods also go by the name bamboo shades. No material is particularly better than another. It all depends on the look you want and the prices you can afford.

Bamboo shades are made from width-wise pieces of split bamboo, also called match sticks in the trade. The pieces are whittled down to a thin, match stick-like thickness and the braided together with rope. Bamboo shades are often called match stick shades. Different species of bamboo make bamboo shades of different textures, colors, and themes. Madake bamboo, for example, makes a rustic looking dark brown bamboo shade. Shizen bamboo yields a lighter colored, airier bamboo shade. Some bamboo shades use thicket pieces of bamboo, allowing the natural texture and mottling of the bamboo to show up better.

Bamboo shades are generally made in two styles. The classic roll-up shade is strung so that the mat of bamboo sticks rolls up when the shade is closed. The Roman shade is strung so that the bamboo sticks fold in alternate directions, accordion-style, when the shade is closed.

Bamboo shades can be nearly opaque if the sticks are tightly woven together, or they can be see-through shades that filter light instead of blocking it totally. If an open-weave see-through bamboo shade is desired, a light-colored privacy liner can be added to the back of the bamboo shade to block the views of passers-by.

The pulley mechanisms for opening and closing bamboo shades should have a clutch mechanism to prevent "runaway" opening. Many bamboo shades also feature safety tassels on their cords to protect children and pets; the tassels are designed to break away if they are pulled upon with too much weight, saving a child from hanging. The tops of bamboo shades are often embellished with matching stationary valances.

The mounting hardware needed for bamboo shades is not much different from that used on regular Venetian blinds. Typically, two open-faced square brackets are used at the interior top corners of the window frame. The shade's pulley mechanism housing slides into these brackets, which are then closed with a slip-on tab. Outside mounting bamboo shades are also available. These come with slip-on end caps or returns to hide the opening into the pulley mechanism.

A wide variety of bamboo shades can be found at Their light-filtering, see-through bamboo shades are available in roll-up or Roman shade styles, while their denser privacy bamboo shades are only available in Roman shade style. Prices range from $34 for 34 inches long x 25 inches wide to $217 for 96 inches long x 96 inches wide. Like many online bamboo shade sellers, can fulfill custom orders for exactly the size of bamboo shade you need. The production process takes only five days. When measuring, use a steel measuring tape for accuracy, and measure to the nearest one-eighth of an inch. When you place your order, note clearly which measurement is width (the first one written down), and which is the length or height of the opening. Do not deduct anything for mounting brackets; the factory takes care of that.

Bamboo shades add a cool, rain forest-like accent to any room. Try them!