Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments require imagination and ingenuity. You can create your own custom look, or hire a professional to create it. Mix and match the various window covering options (shades, blinds, shutters, swags, valances, and curtains) and you have a solid start on your custom look. Add a hand-painted treatment, trim, and tie-backs, and your custom window treatment is your one-of-a-kind piece. What a great way to make a personal statement while providing privacy and insulation to your windows.

Window treatments -- a category that can include everything from curtains and drapes, to blinds, shades, swags and stained glass -- are one of the most cost effective and exciting ways to spruce up your living space. In many cases a home decorating idea requires that you spend a substantial amount of money, especially if the result is to have a large effect on how your interior looks or feels. Custom window treatments, however, are an exception to this rule. For relatively little money you can exert a profound effect on how your living space both looks and feels.

The most common form that custom window treatments take is with customizing store bought blinds. In fact, you may have already created some custom window treatments of your own without even realizing it! Many of us have made our own curtains from fabric at hand, after all. To start with, consider adding a lace or ribbon, or re-stitching your store bought drapes in a different way. You'll be amazed how much difference a personal touch can make: it doesn't take a whole lot of effort have your window coverings transform. In no time those drapes that once looked boring and predicable will now have their own personal touch.

Another thing to consider when looking at custom window treatments is the curtain rod. While many people overlook this admittedly mundane and functional piece of equipment, a simple coat of paint or fabric wrap can transform it completely. You'll see that by creating a contrasting color between your drapes and the curtain rod can have a pleasant effect indeed. Also consider a light shade variation between the rod and curtain. Often a curtain rod that is slightly lighter than the drape itself can create an interesting and pleasant effect.

The most important thing to keep in mind when thinking about custom window treatments is that there are no rules, only guidelines. Use your imagination to achieve a look for your living space that is both pleasant and entirely your own. Curtains in particular can be hemmed, stitched, and otherwise altered in innumerable ways, limited only by what ideas you can come up with.

Also remember that custom window treatments needn't be customized by you personally; that are many retailers that offer custom window treatments. In many cases it can make a subtle but nevertheless noticeable difference to have your blinds or drapes custom fit to your window. There is, after all, always a certain tackiness to a blind that is too big to too small for the window it covers. By doing a quick internet search you will find many retailers that specialize in custom blinds and drapes, and you can easily send your window measurements to them to receive a window treatment tailored especially to you.

Whatever you decide to do in terms of window treatments, you would be well advised to never rule out custom window treatments. They're not as expensive as other custom made home furnishings, and can have a profound effect on the overall look and feel of your home.