Custom Curtains

Custom curtains are the way to go for creating a custom look in your home. They are also an option for covering large windows, or unusually-shaped windows. Don't stop at using fabric for these curtains; work with nature and technology to help you create a special look. These curtains you create can also be combined with other window treatments to get a total custom look

Determining which curtains are the best for your room and your home can feel overwhelming, if not downright confusing. Many people get tired and frustrated by the process of finding the right curtains for their home and simply choose neutral, bland curtains so that they do not have to worry about making a mistake. Another reason people choose the custom curtain route, besides getting the right look, is to cover odd-shaped or -sized windows.

The good news is that if you cannot find the curtains that you want and need for a particular room, then you can create custom curtains for your room. Custom curtains do not have to be expensive. You can create custom curtains on a budget by yourself or you can choose to have the curtains created by a designer. It's entirely up to you.

Look around you to get ideas for your custom curtains. Look in interior design magazines, on websites, in friend's and family member's homes, and anywhere that you can think of to get some ideas for your custom curtains for your home. By taking the time to get some inspiration from the different things around you, you will be helping to increase your satisfaction level with your choice. If you see something that visually appeals to you, then it is a possibility for your custom curtains -- no matter what it is. You can even find inspiration in the outdoors.

Did you pick up some wonderful fabric on a trip? That could be the foundation of your custom curtain creation. Maybe you have some heirloom fabric you want to make the focal point of a room; custom curtains can be your solution.

One great idea for the dining room is using tablecloths. Tablecloths can be an inexpensive way to get the custom curtains that you want for your dining room, or even kitchen. By simply adding a pocket in the tablecloths, you can create a place for the curtain rod to be inserted so that you can hang them. You can either sew a pocket or use another adhesive method, such as No Sew.

If tablecloths won't match your decor, then you can use shirts, jeans, quilts, or chair throws. Or visit a fabric store to choose the perfect fabric for your custom curtains. You can either sew your own curtains using your fabric choice or you can use a no-sew method of creating your curtains. You have a wide choice of fabrics for your custom curtains. You can find fabric in a variety of colors, styles, and patters to make your curtains into an integral part of your decorating style.

Another way to create custom curtains for your home is to take plain ready-made curtains and custom embellish them. Neutral, plain curtains can be instantly jazzed to make them more visually appealing simply by adding ribbon, beads, sequins, lace and other embellishments. You can even paint on the curtains if you so choose. Embellish your curtains to make them the custom curtain of your dreams.

If budget is not an issue, have an interior designer create custom curtains for your room. They will choose just the right fabric and embellishments to create the perfect curtains for your room and home. They will make all of the decision so that you will not have to worry about your choice. All you have to do is enjoy your curtains when they are hung in your room.

Custom curtains do not have to drain your bank account if you are on a budget. By making your choices carefully, you will have custom curtains that can help to enhance the decorating style of your room. This will help you to enjoy your room and home even more.