Custom Blinds

Custom blinds are a great purchase if you have difficult-to-fit sized or shaped windows. You can go the route of Blinds to Go or Three-day Blinds, or with a window specialist or interior designer, to get the look and feel you want with your window treatments and window coverings. If you have a special need in your window covering, shop carefully and choose the best option.

Why Buy Custom Blinds?

Do you have a hard to fit window that you want to install blinds in? Custom blinds are a great option if you have a window that is unusually shaped or sized or if you are simply unsure of what size blinds that you need for your windows. These blinds are custom made to fix your exact specifications to ensure your complete satisfaction. This option is available at your home improvement store, online, or in specialty window covering stores. Online stores like Blinds to Go or Three Day Blinds are a great resource for information regarding custom blinds and how to measure your windows.

A great benefit of having custom blinds made for your windows is the opportunity to design blinds that work best for your room and your lifestyle. The materials that blinds are available in varies from wood to fabric to metal to vinyl and you will have the chance to pick the exact material that will mesh with the decorating style of the room that the window is in, as well as be able to adapt the blinds to your specific lifestyle and needs.

If the blinds are to be installed in your bedroom, you will want to order blinds that are extremely effective at keeping light from coming into your room. This is especially important if you need to sleep during the day due to working third shift, or due to sickness. On the other hand, if the blinds are in a living area, then you may want blinds that filter the light in, but that you can open and close depending upon your privacy needs. Think about what the room is used for so that you can make the best decision regarding which type of blinds will best fit the use of the room and your lifestyle.

If the custom blinds are in a hard to reach area, then you will want to consider ordering remote control blinds. These blinds use a motorized mechanism to open and close the blinds using a remote control device. This is also a good idea if you have children in the home because there are no cords for to endanger the children. If you cannot afford these blinds, however, you need to make sure that you take safety precautions with the cords, including installing a tie cleat to wind up excess cording, installing cordless blinds, or having breakaway cord ties. Ask your custom blind professional if you need to take these safety precautions.

Measuring correctly is an important part of getting custom blinds that you will be completely satisfied with. Consult the manufacturer's website, information booklet, or the website that you are ordering from to ensure that you measure the window area as they recommend. Sometimes, window covering specialty stores will send out a professional to measure your windows to ensure that you get blinds that are made to the exact specifications of your windows. Ask if this service is available if you are unsure of how to measure your windows.

Custom blinds are a great choice for any home. You are able to determine the exact material and details of blinds that you need for your particular room and for your lifestyle. Being able to customize the blinds to your particular needs will help you to enjoy the blinds for years and years.