Curtains cover your windows so you can have privacy, the right temperature and brightness in the room, and to help decorate the room they are hung in. Will you go with a long or short curtain? Textured, patterned, colorful or plain? Will your curtains be tab-topped, glide on tracks, or hang quietly? There are lots of options, only limited by your imagination, and maybe budget.

Shine the light on your curtain choices throughout your home. Are you proud of the choices that you have made? Do they reinforce your style and the feel that you want to create for your home? If they do, then great, but if not then you may want to rethink your curtain choices in the rooms in your home. Curtains make a statement in each room. They can help to bring your decorating style together or they can pull it apart depending upon your curtain choice.

How do you determine what kind of curtain is best for your particular room? You need to evaluate your needs for each room and then go room by room to find the right curtain for each particular room. You will be more prepared to visit the store and will not be as likely to be overwhelmed by the many different choices. A little preparation will go a long way in aiding you in making a choice that will satisfy you for many years.

The function of the curtain:
What function does the curtain serve in that particular room? Do you need it for privacy or is it primarily decorative? Does it need to keep light out? Perhaps temperature control is your issue with choosing curtains? Answering each of these questions will better prepare you to make a curtain choice.

The function of the room:
What happens in the room? The fabric choice of your curtain will be different in a child's room and a formal living room. If it is a room where the curtains will need to be cleaned, such as a kitchen or a child's room, then you will need to choose a fabric that can be easily cleaned and stain-treated. Think about the function of the room in your curtain choice, too.

Decorating style:
The decorating style you choose has a big impact on your choice of curtains. You will want curtains that help to enhance that style rather than detract from it. Don't go overboard, however, or you may find that your curtains are taking too much of the attention from your room. Simpler is better, especially when it comes to your curtain choices.

Now that you have answered the above questions, you are on your way to choosing curtains for each one of your rooms. Research different curtain choices online and in stores to ensure that you have a good idea of what curtains are available for you. Measure your windows carefully as directed by your particular curtain manufacturer to make sure that the curtains that you choose will fit 100% right in your window. Curtains that do not fit well will only take away from the feel of your entire room. Learn about your curtain choices and what will work well in your room and you will be on your way to finding curtains that fit both your desires and the needs of the room.