Curtain Rods and Window Treatments

Looking to do something a little different with your curtains? Try decorating the curtain rod. You can find curtain rods window treatments instruction and patterns, if you are so inclined, on the internet and at your local sewing and craft stores. There are no-sew window treatment patterns available, though this article isn't about them, but the various valances, curtain rods, and curtain patterns is exciting. Create a unique window treatment by coordinating your window coverings.

There are many things you can do and different avenues to explore in the world of window treatments. More than any other area of household decor, window treatments allow for easy customization: almost anyone with basic skills can create their own personal window treatment. Although there are no-sew window treatment options, to have the widest variety of choices available it is best that you sew your window coverings. As long as you can sew, there are literally thousands of choices and ideas you can use in creating your window treatment -- it's simply a matter of acquiring both fabric and a pattern. Once you start looking, you should find sites with an array of wonderful curtain rods, window treatments, and instructions and patterns to fit your talents and style.

One of the most fun areas to explore is the curtain rod itself. Curtain rod treatments generally require much less material than the curtains themselves. Up until the advent of the internet, a search for patterns, the key to creating your own window treatment, was rather painstaking, and generally required purchasing books or subscribing to magazines. Now, of course, the process is much easier, and anyone with internet access can see a wide variety of patterns quickly and easily.

A good place to start is a general site that has links to patterns, like a reversible valance that can button to your curtain rod. As you explore further, however, you'll no doubt discover that finding free patterns that you like can be somewhat difficult. After all, a good window treatment is a creative idea, and the creator usually wants to be compensated for all the hard work required to create a sewing pattern.

You'll find sites that have many beautiful sewing patterns that, if executed correctly, will render your curtains indistinguishable from expensive store bought drapes, other than they may be a better reflection of your style. There have many valance patterns available which will create a beautiful touch for your curtain rod.

While it is always tempting to try and find something for free, especially on the internet, it's often well worth the money to pay for the curtain rod window treatment instruction and pattern you like. When you get a free pattern, you have no guarantee that it will be correct or have instructions, as the creator, of course, owes you nothing. It's an awful experience to spend a lot of time and energy on something only to realize that your pattern is flawed! By going with a company that puts their reputation behind their instructions and patterns, you will be guaranteed a pattern that is correct. And as long as you are capable of following the instructions, you are guaranteed to have valances that look as promised.

Paying money for curtain rods window treatments instructions and patterns is well worth it, when you consider the time and expenses you will expend in creating your window treatments. If you buy a pattern from a reputable online retailer, you can have total confidence in it, and you'll be hanging your new curtain rod window treatment in no time.