Curtain Rod

A curtain rod is a subtle but important part of creating your window treatment. It's the foundation of your curtains. Curtain rods can blend into the treatment, almost disappearing, or be an important decorating element. They need to be sturdy enough to stand up to the amount of use they'll get. Is there enough support to endure the span of the window? How will the curtains operate on the rod -- manually, mechanically, or electrically? Are you going to use several curtains to cover the window? If so, will you use one or more curtain rods? There can be some interesting considerations for choosing your curtain rod.

How much thought do you put into the curtain rod you hang your curtains on? Do you look for the one that is least expensive? The curtain rod that you choose impacts the room almost as much as the curtain does. Have you looked at the myriad curtain rods available today? It's an exciting aspect of decorating that seems to be coming into its own. There is quite a variety of styles and shapes to help bring the d├ęcor of your entire room together or give the room an entire new feeling.

Curtain rods can be quite expensive so it is important you determine what your budget is before choosing your curtains and curtain rod. There are many curtain rod materials you can choose from. If you enjoy the look of wrought iron, but the real thing is over your budget, consider that look but in a different material. Creativity will let you use the curtain rod that completes your room's look and keeps you in budget.

Examine the room you are decorating and determine what the desired feel and style of the room are. That decision will help you know what style of curtain rod you may want. A country styled room would look great with a wood curtain rod, while a more formal room might call for an ornate metal rod. Match your curtain rod with your decor and you will be on your way to making your room feel finished.

Evaluate the curtains that you are putting on the rod for continuity. Make sure that the curtain rod work with your curtain choice. If the curtain rod is thick and chunky, you need to ensure that your curtains have a pocket big enough for the curtain rod to pass through. Is the curtain rod strong enough for the curtains you are hanging on them? Will they endure the amount of use they get? I once chose curtain rods that worked perfectly for the curtains I had, until my kittens started climbing the curtains; the rods weren't sturdy enough for that and broke.

Where you hang your curtain rod can make a big difference on how large the window feels or it can make uneven sized windows look more balanced and even. The higher you hang your curtain rod, the taller your window will seem. If you have a tall ceiling, this will make the room seem more in balance. If your windows are out of balance, such as one window narrow than the other, then you can hang the curtains at the same width on both windows to help balance out the window sizes. See how your curtain rod placement can finish the look of the room by more than just being pretty?

Be sure to secure the curtain rod according to its use. A heavily anchored curtain rod will be important for one that gets a lot of use and for heavy curtains. You can get away with lighter mounting bracket with lighter curtains and lighter use.

Because of the impact curtain rods can have in your room, consider the different kinds of curtain rods available to you. Use a style that compliments your decorating style. With a little thought and planning, you will be on your way to making your windows into a cohesive part of your room.