Curtain Patterns

Curtain patterns let you make curtains you can't find on the market. By combining your favorite fabrics, trims, and styles, you will create the perfect window covering or treatment. Odd sized and shaped windows are also perfect candidates for making your own curtains from curtain patterns you make or buy.

Curtains are one of the most common window coverings available. Although many people run to the store to pick out their curtains, it is also quite possible to find curtain patterns and fabric to make your own curtains. You to pick any fabric you like and add the embellishments that fit your decorating style. If you have a creative decorating style, you'll want to consider making your own curtains from the many curtain patterns that are available.

Where can you find curtain patterns? The choices are endless. From brick and mortar fabric stores to department stores to online, you can find curtain all different patterns and styles. Looking at different patterns online will allow you to narrow your choices to help avoid getting overwhelmed by all of the many choices of curtain patterns out there.

If you can't find the exact curtain pattern you are looking for, create your own -- either free hand or by using an existing curtain. If you are imaginative, you may find it exciting to create curtain patterns free hand. If you are crafty, you can take an existing curtain that you like and create curtain patterns from it. No matter what your experience level is in sewing, you can find curtain patterns that you can use.

Curtain patterns are also available online too. You can find directions describing how to change straight and plain curtains into an exciting and beautiful window covering with character. If you don't sew well, but want to make your curtains more interesting, try curtain patterns with this level of direction. These curtain patterns use Velcro, iron-on adhesive, and other fixatives to make a plain curtain into an interesting curtain with little time and effort. You can even find curtain patterns to make a beaded curtain to add the touch of funk that you have been searching for.

Curtain patterns are also available using simple, easy to find items to make curtains. Curtains can be made from fleece blankets, dishtowels, placemats, shower curtains and even bath towels with very little sewing. This is good news for those of us who flunked their home economics sewing class, but want to create curtains that will look great in our home. Think about items that fit your decor to use as curtains. You may be able to use sheets, extra fabric, and other materials to make your curtains using curtain patterns that you may find online.

If you passed your home economics sewing class then you may want to sew your own curtains. Vintage fabrics are widely available from vintage websites, at yard sales and flea markets, and on online auction websites like eBay. These fabrics are wonderful to make curtains out of because they will be unusual and eye-catching. Pairing these wonderful fabrics with one of the many curtain patterns that are available will net you a beautiful pair of curtains that you will enjoy and be satisfied with for many years to come.

Don't be afraid to make your own curtains. Curtain patterns are usually very simple and easy to follow with straightforward directions. If you are able to sew even a little, it's quite possible you can make your own custom curtains that you can enjoy and be proud of.