Curtain Ideas

Curtain ideas are bountiful, though imagination and fear may keep you from trying different things. Consider layers different colors, patterns and textures of fabric to create a new curtain. Use a traditional tab-top or runner-style curtain with a valance, puddled scarf, fancy or whimsical tie-back, or elegant curtain rod. Combine curtains with shutters, shades, and blinds. Create something new with an unusual material, or combination of materials.

Curtains are the most common window covering choice for the majority of the population. There are many different curtains ideas that people can choose from and many different varieties in fabric, style and color. This is great for consumers, but it can also be quite overwhelming when they see all of the different choices. You can find curtain ideas in books, online, and in stores. You can use your own curtain ideas that come by exercising some imagination power and creativity. The options are endless for finding curtain ideas for your home. Where do you start?

Look at pictures.
You do not have to just look at window covering catalogs. Look through a wide variety of magazines at pictures of rooms that serve the same purpose as yours. This helps you determine what you like and don't like, and it gives you a chance to see many different kinds of curtain ideas, some of which will be new to you. Look online at decorating websites. You can always print out the picture to take with you shopping or, if your budget allows it, you may be able to get the exact same curtains for your room.

Call in an interior decorator.
Even if you are talented at sewing, you can call in an interior decorator to help you come up with curtain ideas for that overwhelming window area. They will be able merge your wants and desires with your needs and help you determine what kind of curtains are best for your room and what style would work best for your decor. This help can be invaluable if you are unsure of what you want to do with a specific window or room.

Ask a friend.
If you especially like how a friend has decorated his or her house, then ask for their opinion on different curtain ideas for your particular room. This is a great way to get information for free and you may even get a fun shopping trip out of it. Don't be afraid to say that you are unsure, because some people are just more talented at decorating their homes than other people are.

Don't be afraid.
If you have a curtain idea in your head, try it out. What is the worst that can happen? You may not like the result, but all you have to do is make another change. It is not a permanent decision that you are making and it is relatively simple to change curtains. Why allow it to worry you? Go with your gut instinct. You may find that you have more talent than you first thought.

Curtains can help turn your house into a home. By researching and asking questions, you will be on your way to having some curtain ideas of your own. Then you will be ready to walk into a store and purchase the curtains or materials to make the curtains. Don't forget the curtain rods. hey can have a big impact on how your curtains hang and look. In no time, you are sure to have curtains that will instantly make your room and home feel more welcoming and inviting.