Curtain Hardware

Curtain hardware is often the finishing touch to any window treatment you are creating. They help window coverings have a unified look and feel. Curtain hardware at the very least includes curtain rods, and may also include finials and tiebacks. And if you are creating a more complex window treatment than just curtains, the hardware includes some of those additional elements -- like shades, blinds or sheers -- too.

The window coverings in your home can make quite a statement that either enhances or detracts from the decorating style of your home. Many homeowners put quite a bit of effort into choosing the curtains, drapes, shades, or other window covering to help make their windows beautiful and eye-pleasing. Unfortunately, however, thought may not be given to the curtain hardware that you use to hang your window coverings and this can be a big mistake in your decorating and in your room focus. What kinds of curtain hardware should you pay attention to make an wonderful window covering or special window treatment?

  • Curtain Rods Curtain rods are a very important piece of your window coverings, simply because they are functional. There are many different styles of curtains rods that are available and by finding the right one for your decorating style, you can help to make the most of your windows to help make them a cohesive part of your room, rather than just a functional window treatment. The rods come in many different finishes, as well as styles, so make sure that you consider the beauty, as well as the function in your decision. If you are going to be opening and closing the curtains, you want to ensure that your curtain rod choice will allow you to do this smoothly and easily.
  • Holdbacks or tiebacks Curtain holdbacks come in a variety of different styles to go with your curtain rod or with the decorating style of your room. These holdbacks may not seem like a big part of the room, but they can make a big difference in how the window treatments look and how well they go with the rest of the room.
  • Shades Shades can become part of your curtain hardware if you use them in conjunction with a curtain or drape. Shades come in so many different colors, materials, and styles that the major problem will be deciding upon the right ones for your room. They are very functional in use, simply because they are easy to open and close.
  • Finials Finials are the decorative accent that are located at the end of the curtain rod. There are so many different finial finishes and designs available these days. You can choose anything from a simple ball to a more ornate swirl in wood, gold, silver, brass, black, or even wrought iron. They can be the crowning touch to your windows, which can help to make your room even more beautiful.

Curtain hardware is an important facet of covering your window. It is just as important to consider the hardware as the curtains themselves for decorative and functional reasons. The proper curtain hardware will allow the curtains to hang properly and they can make it easier to open and close the curtains or drapes. By combining the function with aesthetic beauty and appeal, you will be able to choose curtain hardware that you will be happy with and that will enhance your decor style.