Curtain Designs

Curtain designs can be straight forward or creative. Your style and budget will help direct that. If you are looking for general design ideas, catalogs can help. If you are looking for specific ideas, you want a decorator to help you. Formal to informal curtain designs are at your fingertips.

Creating a room that feels warm and comfortable includes many different elements. One element that many people do not put much thought into is their curtains. There are many different curtain designs to choose from for a room that range from casual to formal. Finding the right curtain designs for the particular design and feel of your room is essential to making the room feel more complete and finished. It also helps to enhance the rest of the decorating style of a room, rather than just fading into the background or even detracting from it. Choosing curtain designs is largely dependent upon the feel and style of a room. What are some curtains designs that you should consider?

  • A Formal Dining Room.
    A formal dining room is known for rich fabrics and materials that help to create a sophisticated and stylish look. The windows can be treated in several different ways. You can choose to use a rich material for drapery or for a valance to cover the windows. The rich fabric curtains can be combined with a light sheer that will allow the light in and frame the window in perfect style. The combination can help to add just the right touch of style to your formal dining room.
  • A Casual Dining Room.
    If your tastes run more toward the casual, then you will be happy to know that there are several ways that you can use curtains in your dining room, too. From short, cafe-style curtains that have frills and details like embroidery to lighter, cotton fabrics or lace that are flirty and fun. The casual curtains can help to add light and life to a room that you and your family enjoy.
  • A Formal Living Room.
    A formal living room is a place to entertain and hang out with friends and family. In most formal living rooms, curtain designs tend to lean more toward heavy, rich fabrics that are detailed with pleating and tiebacks. These curtains can be combined with sheers or not, depending upon the needs of the home or room. The curtains can also be combined with a valance that can help to dress up the top of the curtain rod area.
  • A Casual Living Room.
    For a living room that is more casual, you want touchable and functional fabrics that offer a fun and comfortable look. You can choose cotton fabric curtains that are simple, like a tab-topped curtain, or you can choose curtains that offer more detail, like a shorter length café-styled curtain with frills. You want to choose curtains that will be durable and able to be cleaned easily, especially if you will be using the room quite a bit or have children.

In addition to the design of curtains you may wonder about where you can get curtains designed and made. Look in your phone book under interior decorator, design center, and even seamstress. You may be surprised where you can find curtain designs to fit your style and home.

As you can see, curtain designs can vary widely according to the material, style of room, and the needs for the particular room. By taking all of these facets into consideration, along with your budget, you will be able to choose the right curtain designs for your particular window, room, and needs.