Country-Style Curtains

Country-style curtains are generally a casual window covering style that evokes an era or feeling of life that's more down-to-earth than many of us feel we are living today. You can create a country feeling with the curtains you select or by combining various elements in a window treatment.

Country-style decorating is one decorating style that you either love or hate. People have strong feelings about this style of decorating because it evokes a feeling in them that is unlike any other decorating style. Decorating a home in the country style can make a home feel more casual, which is welcoming to some homeowners, while others feel that it is too casual for their home. From accessories to country-style curtains, every element comes together to create a room that is inviting and comfortable.

Most homeowners do not put much thought into their curtain choice for their rooms, but it can make a big difference in how complete your room looks. If you are going to the effort of decorating your home in a particular style, why would you not want to finish it off with curtains that enhance the decor? In country decorating, there are many different options for covering your windows, including country-style curtains.

Country-style curtains is a term that encompasses quite a few different styles and designs of curtains. They can include full-length curtains that are made of country influenced material or they can be valances that are quilted or otherwise detailed or anything in between. The most important thing when choosing your country styled curtains is that they fit the decor of your room. Consider the colors that you are using in your room to help you determine what colors you need in your curtains, measure your windows, and begin the search for the curtains that will make the most of your room and your decorating style.

Most country curtains feature some sort of design on them, whether it is gingham, animals, or another country influenced design. There are more neutral ways to cover your windows without sacrificing your country style and feel. Using neutral tones of tan, or reds, blues, or greens, can enhance your style without the business of designs if you so choose. It is important to choose elements that you are comfortable with and enjoy looking at to ensure that your satisfaction level remains high.

Country-style window treatments can be created combining various window covering elements like shutters, curtains and valances. Selecting colors and textures that contribute to the country look you are seeking is one step here. Adding hardware that says "country" to you is another way to create the look you are after. Ticking, denim, gingham, horse shoe nails, wrought iron, , barn wood, sisal rope -- all of these could be elements in your country-style curtains and window treatments.

The country decorating style is supposed to be comfortable and welcoming. Stressing out over your curtain selection will take away from that comfort. Look for fabrics and styles that make you feel good, so that you will be happy with your choice for a long time. You can use your curtains as a jumping off point for other fabrics in your room. For example, in your kitchen, you can use the same type of fabric for placemats, napkins, and chair covers. In your living room, you can have pillows of the same fabric. Think about your fabric choice carefully to see if you can use it in the room to help bring the room together.

Country-style curtains can help to bring your entire decorating scheme together. Choose curtains that are functional and beautiful to make the most of your windows and your decorating.