Country Window Treatments

Country window treatments may be one of the most popular looks in the U.S. today. The freedom to blend unusual materials and patterns may contribute to that popularity. Gingham has long been one pattern of the country look, but it's not the only pattern. Denim and cotton ticking, the blue and white striped fabric often seen on pillows and mattresses, is a good option for your country style. There are lots of ways to create a country window treatment for your home.

Do you enjoy the country style of decorating? It is very popular in many homes-from kitchens to bathrooms to living rooms to bedrooms. The basics of country design depend upon how far you want to go with it and this is what scares many people. Some may like the thought of gingham and lace, but the adding rooster, chicken, and farm animal accents is another thing entirely. Country design does not have to include things that "moo", "quack" or "cock a doodle doo". You can make your own home into a comfortable country designed room complete with country window treatments.

Country window treatments can include a number of different styles of window treatments. Shades, blinds, curtains, or valances are just a few of the different country window treatments that you can purchase to make your room into that welcoming space that you want in your home. Before you decide which one that you want for your room, you need to learn more about the different styles and the pros and cons of each.

  • Shades and Blinds
    Shades and blinds are a great way to cover your windows. This window covering offers you a great deal of flexibility, in that you can open and close them according to your needs and wants. Bamboo shades or blinds are a great way to add a touch of the natural world to your window and a neutral color choice can work in a country-styled room as well. There are also brightly color window blinds or shades that can work, including red, green, or even yellow. You can find almost any color that you want in shades or blinds and they can give you privacy and light control as well.
  • Curtains and Valances
    Curtains and valances are available in many country styled fabrics and materials. From gingham to prints to solids, you can find the right touch country touch in these styles of window coverings. Even lace can add a country-feel to your decor. You can buy them ready-made or you can choose to make your own, no matter what your sewing level. If you can't find something ready-made that strikes your fancy or that goes with the rest of your decor, then making your own from fabric purchased at the local store is a great option.
  • Using unusual items to make your own country window treatments is another option. Placemats, bandanas, tablecloths, and even silk flowers are just a few of the things that you can use to make your own country window treatments. What about using rough-cut wood to make shutters to augment your country look? By taking things that appeal to your particular sense of country decor, you will increase your satisfaction level and your pride in your window treatments. Just look around at what is around you and see what visually appeals to you. This is a great way to enhance your windows and your decorating style.

    Country window treatments can be a focal point or they can fade away into the rest of the decorating scheme. It is entirely up to you and your needs to determine what you want your window treatments to add to your room. After you make your choice, then you will be well on your way to having country window treatments that only make your room and home feel more interesting and inviting.