Country Curtains

Country curtains add a fun and folksy look and feel to your room. You can get the country look from the pattern you select as well as the tieback you select. Natural materials and simple patterns are the approach most often seen in country curtains. And you can match or compliment the curtains with your pillows and throw rugs through color and pattern. Have fun with making your curtains take on that country look.

Do you enjoy the country look for your home? This style is very popular in many homes due to the way that it adds that feeling of comfort and "welcomeness". There are many different ways to add this style to your home, including adding country curtains to your windows. Country curtains is a broad term that describes curtains that have that homey, country look to them. Although some people think of roosters, chickens, and other farm animals when they think of country style, there are many other ways to instill this look in a particular room or your home without adding animals to the mix.

One way to add a touch of country through your curtain choice is with the tiebacks that your choose. Adding a touch of raffia, checked material, flowers, beads, or other country looking material can make even the most boring curtains look more country in style and function. Don't be afraid to experiment with different materials either. This is a great option if you do not have a lot of money to spend on your window treatments because you can choose budget-priced neutral curtains and then dress them up with the tieback of your choice.

Another way to have country curtains on a budget is to buy plain curtains and then stencil a country design on them using fabric paint. This process is very easy and is great for even the most non-craftsy person. There are a great deal of stencils available that can be used for curtains, including vines, flowers, baskets, geometric designs, or even checks. You can use the colors of your choice that will mesh with the rest of your room to help make the curtains a more cohesive part of the room.

If you have a budget that will allow it, you can buy curtains that have a country-looking design on them or have curtains custom made from fabric that you choose. Country curtains can be found in just about any color combination. The key is to stay away from contemporary patterns. Simpler is better in choosing your curtains because you are more likely to enjoy them longer if they are not "over the top" in country design. If you are having curtains custom made, then you may want to consider having pillows made in the same fabric or using the fabric somewhere else in the room. This is a great way to make a room feel more comfortable, welcoming, and country.

Country curtains are a great way to add that final touch of style to your room. If you love the look and feel of country design, you are sure to want to have curtains that go along with the feel of the rest of your room. Simple is the key word in choosing country curtains. They are not fussy, formal, or overdone. Country curtains are comfortable, simple, and welcoming to all who come into your home. You are sure to find the country curtains that meet your needs and desires for your room and home.