Choosing Window Coverings for Children's Rooms

Choosing window coverings for children's rooms can be a fun adventure for both you and your kids. Whimsy and, bright colors and patterns contribute to great window treatments for kid's rooms. Themes like ballerinas, trains, and jungles offer fantasy. Safety, security and light control are all part of what you are accomplishing with the window coverings you choose for your children's rooms.

A child's room is one place where decorating rules do not matter. That's why it's so much fun to create window coverings for children's rooms, coverings that help fuel their imagination and to enhance the rest of the decor of the child's room. One great thing is that you don't have to use the normal everyday window covering options like curtains or blinds. You can use fun items like bandannas, quilts, beads, or anything else that you child enjoys or that will help to reinforce their room theme.

The first thing that you need to remember when choosing window coverings for children's rooms is safety. You need to take into account how safe a particular window covering will be if your child pulls on it or plays in them. Cords associated with many of today's blinds and shades can become dangerous when kids are around. Take the child's age into account also, keeping their safety in mind. Long curtains or drapes are not safe for younger children and babies, but may be fine for older children. Safety should be your first consideration when choosing window coverings for your child's room.

Children also love to pretend that curtains are a tent, a cave or any other hiding place. They also enjoy opening and closing their window coverings frequently. Make sure the window coverings you choose are easy to operate and durable enough for children to use, and to play with. Are you choosing your window coverinsgs as part of their playground, or as part of your decor.

Think about how much privacy your child needs when you choose their window coverings. If your child's room is on the second floor facing the back yard, you may not need as much privacy as you would if your child's window was on the lower level facing the street. Once you determine the degree of privacy your child's windows needs, you'll be able to work within those parameters to find window coverings that fit both the decor and the needs of your child's room.

Simpler is usually better in the case of children's rooms. Simple roman blinds can be paired with a bandanna valance that will give the window treatment a fun look. Beaded valances will look great combined with vinyl blinds or matching beaded curtains; just be sure that the beads are durable enough to survive child's play. Glue patterns onto the shade or valance, like flowers, clowns, fish, or even the alphabet. Consider the items that your child enjoys and likes, and you are sure to think of an idea for their window covering that will help the windows to mesh into your decorating style or theme. Also, use their window coverings to expand their creativity and imagination by incorporating bright colors, fanciful patterns, or even educational elements.

Window coverings can be expensive or cheap. You need to think about your budget and then work within your budget to create the look that you desire for your child's room. Window coverings do not have to cost you a great deal. If you let your imagination and creativity shine, you are sure to come up with an idea that will not break the bank but that will look great in your child's room.

Enlist your child's help if they are old enough to create a custom window covering for their room. You can take basic store-bought curtains and decorate them with your child using beads, stencils, stamps, paint, etc. Your child may have ideas that you have not even considered for covering their windows. Make it a team effort and you will be happy and so will your child.