Cellular Shades

Some of the most insulating window shades you can buy are cellular shades. Additionally they offer the most flexibility in providing privacy and light management of any style of shade available. These window coverings can combine with other treatments to achieve a wide range of looks, from informal to formal. Cellular shades are a fantastic window covering option, and available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles -- even for odd shaped windows. And better yet, you can buy them in a wide variety of stores.

Cellular shades are a great window covering option that can also help to keep your home insulated, too. These window shades consist of single, double, or triple cells that work to keep the warmth in and the cold out of your home during the winter and the opposite during the summer. This is a great option for homes with older windows that are not as airtight. Cellular shades have other benefits too, though.

One of the great benefits of cellular shades is that they come in many different styles and colors to go with any style of decorating that you may have. They are usually made of polyester, which makes them simple and easy to clean, as well as being fire-retardant. A simple dusting or light vacuuming will help to keep them clean and fresh for years.

The cells in cellular shades vary from about 3/8-3/4" tall and come in single, double, or triple cells to help you get the amount of insulation that you desire. The more cells that you need or desire in your cellular shades, the more expensive that the shades will be, so consider what you need the shades to be able to accomplish before you purchase them. The larger the cells, the more energy efficient the cells become, so if you have a larger window area, you will most likely want to buy cellular shades with the 3/4" cells.

Cellular shades come in the basic manual mechanism model, which uses a corded mechanism to raise, lower, open, and close the shades. You can also get cellular shades that open and close sideways, moving left and right, for patio doors. These style shades also have a bottom-up-top-down approach to operation, which lets you control where you have the light entering the room. For example, these window coverings let you choose privacy and light at the same time, when you lower the top of the shade, leaving the bottom portion closed and in place.

For a little more money, they are also available in motorized models that utilize a remote control, which is wonderful for windows where it may be harder to reach to open and close the shades. Due to cellular shades being light and airy, they are easy to open and close and should do so smoothly no matter which mechanism you choose.

If you are covering a bank of windows with cellular blinds, you can select to cover two or more at a time with an external mount, or mounting them inside the frame and cover one window at a time. Some manufacturers won't warranty the operation mechanisms if they are too long; ask what the maximum size is to get that warranty.

Cellular shades also come in room darkening or light filtering varieties. Consider the needs of the room to determine which ones would be right for you. If you work 3rd shift and need to sleep during the day, then you will most likely want shades that help to darken the room as much as possible so that you can sleep. Or perhaps you are creating a media room and want room-darkening capability -- room darkening cellular shades are a great solution. If you do not need to darken the room, then you will want to go with the light filtering cellular shades so that you can take advantage of the natural light whether the shades are open or not.

Cellular shades are excellent for privacy needs. Due to the way they are made, the cells give a lot of privacy to homeowners, without sacrificing natural light. This is great for areas of your home where you need privacy, such as a bedroom or a bathroom.

Choosing cellular shades for your home is a sound decision. With all of the different colors and styles that are available, the only hard part will be deciding which shades will look great in your room. With the benefits of insulation, easy use, and versatility, you should be satisfied with your cellular shades for years and years.