Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are a flexible alternative in window treatments. They can give privacy and allow daylight in. Window treatments with various fabrics and textures can sometimes benefit from the use of cafe curtains too. You can combine cafe curtains with drapes to have the best of all worlds. Cafe curtains can be made of lace, fabrics that reflect the room's theme, or neutral fabric.

While looking at all of the different types of curtains you can buy, you may find that you feel overwhelmed by the selection. From cafe curtains to drapes to sheers, there are all different kinds of fabrics, colors, and styles of curtains. Determining what you want and need before you visit the store can help you cut down the selection so that you are not quite so overwhelmed by the selection. How do you determine what kind of curtains that you need for your room? When is a good time to choose cafe curtains? Here are a few suggestions in approaching your decision.

  • What room is it? Are you looking for curtains for a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.? The room choice will have a huge impact on the type of curtains that you choose. A kitchen window over the sink may be great for cafe curtains, but heavier drapes and sheers in this window would look out of place. Keep in mind your room when looking at the different curtains to see.
  • What are your privacy needs? How much privacy does the room need? For example, a bedroom or bathroom will need more privacy than the kitchen (unless you are a naked cook). Think about the room to see if you need to have curtains that can give you privacy, rather than a sheer, see-through curtain. A cafe curtain lets the lower half of the window have privacy while above it is open for everyone to see. Even though lace and sheers don't allow as much privacy as a solid fabric would, that kind of fabric for a cafe curtain may be a good choice anyway.
  • What is the function of the room? What goes on in the room? This can have a huge impact on the type of material that you choose for your curtains. If it is a room that sees a lot of action or dirt, grease, etc., you'll need to choose a curtain that is easy to clean and maintain. A formal living room may be fine for silk curtains, but your kitchen is probably not. Keep in mind the function of your room so that your curtains will be functional as well. Sometimes a cafe curtain is a good choice because it finishes a window without making too much of the finishing touch.
  • How much light do you want in your room? This will have an impact on your curtain choice, too. While cafe curtains allow light in due to their style, heavy drapes will block light from coming into a room. A bedroom that faces the east may need light blocked, especially in the morning, but you may want to have more light in your kitchen area. Evaluate your desires so that you can decide on the fabric and style of your curtains. Cafe curtains let lots of light into a room, especially if they are made of lace, so can be a perfect solution for those who want light and privacy.

  • Answering all of these questions before going to the store will enable you to narrow down your choices, but there is something else that you can do to further cut down your choices. Looking online at pictures of the same kind of room that you are purchasing curtains for can help you to get a more concrete idea in your mind of the curtain that you want for your room. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of how to use cafe curtains. Will they compliment what you already have done in a room, or will they be the accent and punch a room needs? A little fabric can go a long way in creating a great window treatment.

    Cafe curtains are a good solution for lots of window situations. Understanding what you want your window to do is the first step to deciding if a cafe curtain is the right choice for a specific application. And using cafe curtains with other window treatments can add lots to what you are creating.