Blackout Shades

Making your room dark is best accomplished by blackout shades. They do keep light from leaking outside too, but that's not usually too important these days. Blackout shades can be actual shades or they can be curtains. An unexpected benefit is they keep the heat from UV light out, keeping the room cooler than conventional shades might.

Blackout shades are a special kind of shade that helps to block out the light from a room to make it darker and more comfortable for sleeping, resting, etc. These shades are commonly used in homes where there is a need for sleeping during the daytime, especially for people who work third shift. Blackout shades have a special coating or materials that help to keep the sunlight and other light from filtering in through the shades. What do you need to consider in blackout shades?

You need to think about how the shades are made to make sure that they will completely block out the light from your room. Some shades claim to be blackout shades, but they do allow some light in through tiny holes in them. Although you may think that this is no big deal, it can be quite irritating when you are trying to rest. That is why you want to carefully look at the shades that you are considering to ensure that they will work for you and your needs.

Blackout shades come in a few different versions to allow you to find the ones that fit both your functional needs and your aesthetic needs. From honeycomb blackout shades to roman blackout shades and more, you are sure to find blackout shades in a wide variety of styles and colors so that your room will be beautiful and it will be functional for your rest and sleep.

What makes a shade right for blacking out the light? They are made with a thin layer of vinyl or metal to help block out the light rays. This coating is either on the inside of the shade facing the window or it is inside the shade as a lining. Either way, you will be able to use them to block the light out when you want to rest, relax, or even watch television in the dark. You will be amazed at the different uses for blackout shades.

If you have an affinity for movies, then your blackout shades are a great way to make any room more theater-like for your movie watching. They can be raised and lowered for your particular needs, so that you can let the light in when you want and turn the room into a dark movie theater when you want to watch the latest movie.

Fit is very important in any window covering, but most especially in blackout shades. If your shades do not fit your window, then the light may come in at the edges of the shades. Measure and re-measure your windows to ensure that you get the blackout shades that will fit your window as much as possible. Most manufacturers have a guide to measuring your window to help you measure it correctly. Take advantage of this guide, so that you will purchase blackout shades that will work great for your needs.

But do be aware that just because you carefully measure for window shades, some styles just won't block the light around the edges. I have honeycomb shades in my bedroom and they do well for keeping the room dark, except in the early morning. As the sun rises the focused light comes in around the edges of the shades. The pinpoint light beams are a problem some mornings. If I'd had the shades hung on the outside of the window trim, not inside the window box, this wouldn't have been a problem. Just be aware of the tradeoffs of the decisions you make with your window coverings.

Finding the right blackout shades can help to give you a room that is relaxing and restful, so that you can sleep during the day or it can give you an ideal place to watch movies. Functional and beautiful describe blackout shades perfectly and they can help to make your windows flexible for your specific needs.