Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains are making a comeback. The beads that were popular in the 60s and 70s are back, bigger and better than ever. Have the bead curtain of your choice. Select from brightly colored plastic beads, glass beads, seed pods, bits of wood, and other unusual items. I've seen flatware strung together to make an interesting "beaded curtain" in a restaurant, silk flowers tied together into a garland for a flower shop, and even computer components randomly attached at computer repair shops. Don't let the word "bead" confine your imagination and run wild with possibilities as you create fascinating window and doorway coverings.

Groovy is back in style! As you walk through the malls and department stores, I am sure you have seen the psychedelic colors and groovy patterns in bedding, kitchen supplies, and other decor. Don't just stop with bedding and other decorative accents, add some a bead curtain to your window or doorway to help reinforce your groovy style.

There are many different choices in beaded curtains and you are sure to find exactly what you want or you can even create your own. You can even find them in more subdued wood or seed pod varieties if you are not feeling too groovy.

Beaded curtains are not just for windows. You can hang your beads in many different areas, like at your closet instead of a door. This approach opens up your room and effectively gives you more space by removing the door. If you have bunk beds in a bedroom, hang beaded curtains around the bed to visually separate it from the rest of the room. Create a reading area hanging beaded curtains. Separate one area of a room from another with beaded curtains.

Using beaded curtains to separate one area of the room can be used in any part of your home. If you have a studio apartment, you may want to use the bead curtains to separate your sleeping area from your living area. By giving yourself that kind of privacy, you can refrain from making your bed everyday! Use your imagination to see where you can put this groovy decorating touch.

Bead curtains can be found in department, discount and home decor stores. If you can't find the colors or styles you are looking for, consider shopping on the internet. Many websites offer beaded curtains in a rainbow of colors for your home. Another great thing about beaded curtains is that in most cases they are not very expensive so you can get several different sets for your home and use them all over.

Custom beaded curtains are another possibility to consider, especially if you have a larger sized area to cover or have specific colors to use. Although this approach may be slightly more expensive, it gives you exactly what you want. If this is something that you want to think about, look for a beaded curtain website and get an estimate on custom-made beaded curtains for your room.

Whether you are choosing beaded curtains for your bedroom, living room, or another area in your home, keep in mind that beaded curtains are supposed to add fun to your room. Use your imagination in determining where you want to place them and think about your needs. If you are looking to add a little "groove" to your room, then you will be well on your way to making it fun just by adding bead curtains.