Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains were popular in the 60s, and are making a comeback in the 21st century. You can choose from bright glass and plastic beads, porcelain and pottery beads, and even wood beads and seed pods to create your beaded curtains. Use them to cover windows, doors, and doorways. Hang them around your bed or tub, or on your deck or patio. They create a fun energy wherever they are used. Beaded curtains are more to create the illusion of space and privacy. Have fun, and break out of your mold.

Funky, cool, and different is a look some people are searching for in decorating their home. Adding touches of funk to your home decorating can make a room feel inviting and fun, as well as giving the room a touch of your personality. There are many ways to add a touch of coolness to your rooms, including adding beaded curtains, fun fabrics, and interesting embellishments on curtains, furniture, and accessories. Don't be afraid to experiment. You may find that your "mistake" is an interesting touch of decor that is fun and interesting to friends and family who visit.

Adding a piece of yourself in your decorating is a great way for visitors to learn more about your personality. You don't have to be a super-sewer and crafter to have funky, fun decor throughout your home. Look around different stores in your area. You will be surprised by the amount of beaded curtains and bright and colorful choices that you will see. Beads and bright colors are a huge decorating trend right now, which is a good thing if you are decorating a room in that particular style.

If you do happen to be somewhat crafty then you can add your own embellishments to plain curtains. Many different embellishments will look great on your curtains including trims, beads, and contrasting fabrics. Many times, you do not even have to be able to sew because they can be added to your existing curtains with fabric glue. If you do happen to know how to sew or have someone who can sew for you, you could visit a fabric store and pick one of the cool, bright colored, funky fabrics that are widely available. Whether you are a semi-crafty person or an expert, anyone can add their own little touches to anything that they choose.

Beaded curtains are not just for windows, however. They can also be used in doorways or to partition off an area in a room. They are usually made of all beads instead of fabric with bead accents, and come in many different styles and colors. Anything that you can imagine can be found on a beaded curtain including the Mona Lisa, Buddha, and beach scenes. The internet is a great resource for finding beaded curtains like these because you can find a huge variety of beading materials, including bamboo beads. This can enable you to find beaded curtains to mesh with just about any decorating style. These beaded curtains can help you add a piece of your interests or a theme to any room in your home.

Beaded curtains are a great decorating accessory for any where in your room that needs partitioning off or covering. From all bead curtains to curtains with bead embellishments, either one can add a touch of "you" to any room in your home. From a child's room to the master bedroom to the family room, any room in your home is a possible location to add some beaded curtains for a touch of fun and funk. So dust off your boring decorating style with fun and excitement and add some beaded curtains to your home.