Bay Window Curtains

Bay window curtains let you finish the special touch the windows add to a room as well as control privacy and light transmission. Combine the curtains with other window coverings to create a complete window treatment. There are lots of ways to tackle bay window curtains, so read on.

Bay windows are considered a "must-have" in many home searches and in new home construction. Although they add a wonderful touch of class and style to the outside of your home, it may not give you the same feeling if you are looking out the window, simply due to the view or orientation of the window. It sometimes may be necessary to use bay window curtains to help dress up the windows or make them more functional for your use.

Finding the right bay window curtains for your room and your decor is essential to help make the most of the style and design of the window and make the window more functional for your use. Combining window treatments like shutters or blinds with curtains can help you create a special look. The curtain rod you use can make a difference as well.

First, consider the decor of the room that the bay window is located in so you can focus on the right style of curtain. For example, if it is in a formal living room, then you will want and need a more formal look for the windows. This may include silk, satin, or another rich material that adds drama and formalness to the room. Some colors that are very common in formal rooms include dark reds, rich golds, cool creams, and more. Designs can range from very small and sophisticated to large and bold, depending upon the style. From formal to casual to everything in between, you will be able to find the right bay window curtains for your room's feel and style.

Measurements of your bay windows are essential. Bay windows are normally separated into a large window in the center that is flanked by two smaller windows on either side. The two smaller windows are the same size in most cases, but the larger window is significantly wider. By taking careful measurements of your bay window, you can ensure that your bay window curtains will fit and work well in this area.

The design of your bay window will dictate where you want to hang the curtains. If the bay windows have unique features or beautiful framing, you may want to hang the curtains inside of the window frame to accent the features. If you don't want to accent the features of the bay window's frame, you can choose to hang them over the window frame with specially made bay window curtain rods or curtain tracks. Or you can hang the curtains in front of the bay window space making it look as if you don't have a bay window when the curtains are closed. Either way, you can help make your bay windows more functional for your use by giving you a way to control the light and take care of your privacy needs.

Bay windows offer a beautiful frame to the world outside, but often the scenery outside is not very appealing and they are better suited for bringing daylight indoors. By using bay window curtains to help control the light, keep your privacy, or close off a less than appealing view, you can make the most of this beautiful window to make it a part of your room and your decor. You will then find that you enjoy the window and the room even more.