Bay Window Coverings

Bay window coverings are a bit more involved than conventional window coverings, but you can create an even more dramatic look with the right combination of materials. You can create an exotic window treatment or an elegant style, or perhaps country or tropical is what you want. Your bay window coverings can create a stage-effect if you want, by having shades or blinds right against the window glass and a curtain at the room opening. No matter what you do, window coverings allow you to control privacy, climate and light as you decorate these beautiful windows.

Are you lucky enough to have a beautiful bay window or two in your home? These windows offer greater visibility and beauty for both the inside and outside of your home. They can also give you a more pronounced sense of being overwhelmed, due to the difficulty of finding bay window coverings that both look good and help to enhance the window. This window and your choice of window covering, however, can have a huge impact upon the look and feel of your entire room. That is why it is so important that you make your choices wisely.

Where do you being your search for bay window coverings? I recommend you begin your search online. The internet gives you easy access to thousands of manufacturers that can show you different bay window coverings options. You can look at many different pictures, many different materials, and the prices to help you determine what you have in mind for your bay window. This can help you narrow down your search enough to visit your local home improvement store to find the window coverings that fit your decor and your needs the best. Magazines, catalogs and show rooms are also good places to get ideas for your bay window coverings.

You may wonder what kinds of materials are available for bay window coverings, and will be pleased to know you can get almost anything. Any material you can think of is available for the window coverings for your bay window. You can choose from wood, rattan, silk, cotton, soy, bamboo fabric or shades, polyester, wool, vinyl, any any other material that you can think of can be used to create a bay window covering. With all the choices in front of you, you can even create your own custom bay window covering to give you a unique treatment. You are the best designer for your bay window coverings because you know what you want and need for your bay window.

Do you want to be able to open your bay window coverings? If so, you need to make your choice carefully and design it to accommodate movement. Bay windows are large, making the bay window coverings potentially very heavy. You can have curtains or shades go across the opening to the room, or you can make them fit each face of the bay's windows, leaving the bay itself open to the room. You can approach this style with wooden shutters, curtains and even blinds or shades. By choosing an opening and closing window covering for your bay window, you control control the light, the privacy, and even the temperature for the room.

Wood is the most common material for bay window coverings, but your wood choice is important so you can easily raise and lower the window treatment, or hinge it out of the way. Basswood or a synthetic wood is a good choice due to the light-weight aspect of the wood. But natural woods can work well for shutters, if you have the infrastructure to support their weight. Make sure the design is also easily operated in all aspects so you don't frustrate yourself with clumsy movement.

Consider mixing and matching different materials to give yourself more flexibility in function and style. Honeycomb shades on the windows themselves helps cut light and temperature and combined with floor-length curtains you have a dramatic look for staging other decorating touches you are considering. Just think about how you can decorate the shelf of the bay window for Christmas for the neighbors to enjoy, yet close the curtains for privacy and climate control. What a dramatic look!

Bay window coverings can make your bay window even more beautiful and attractive. They can also give you the ability to allow light into the room or keep the light out. If privacy is an issue, then this is another issue for you to choose bay window coverings. By choosing the right window coverings for your bay window, you will be well on your way to making that room more stylish and visual appealing.