Bargain Roman Shade

You once had to make a Roman shade to get a bargain, but not any more. Now you can select from a wide range of bargain Roman shades online, and sometimes at discount stores. If you buy a plain Roman shade you can paint it or glue decorations onto it, making it one-of-a kind.

Roman shades are elegant window treatments that enhance the looks of any room from the kitchen to the bedroom. Shopping for a bargain Roman shade combines the thrill of the hunt with the wonder of discovery, as you learn all the fantastic styles and patterns that are available at great prices.

Online stores are the best places to find a bargain Roman shade. The Sierra Trading Post, for example, sells beautiful sheer Roman shades for as little as $19.95 for a 38" wide by 7" long Roman shade. That's a bargain! is another resource for online bargain Roman shades.

Many colors and textures are available in a bargain Roman shade. Vertical stripes are very popular, and so are delicate patterns such as lace or dotted Swiss materials. But most people want a Roman shade that will really darken a room, so they tend to go with heavier fabrics and bold colors.

Before you go shopping for a bargain Roman shade, you had better know what size you need. When measuring your window opening, it is important to use a steel tape measure to avoid errors due to stretching of the tape. For an inside-mounted bargain Roman shade, measure the inside dimension of the window frame to within one-eight of an inch. Do not allow for hardware such as mounting brackets; the manufacturer of your custom-ordered bargain Roman shade will do that base upon your measurements of the window opening. For an outside-mounted bargain Roman shade, measure two inches wider than the actual opening.

A real bargain Roman shade is one you make yourself! Making a Roman shade is not that hard; in fact, there are several easy methods. One way I know to make a bargain Roman shade begins with a piece of fabric of your choice, two inches larger than needed to allow for hemming. Sew your fabric and lining material together, finished sides inside, along three edges. Turn the "pillow case" inside out so the finished sides are on the outside. Sew a double row of stitches half an inch apart along the bottom edge, and slip a 3/8" wooden dowel into this pocket. Buy some loop tape and sew it along the back of the shade every eight inches. Fasten drawstrings to the dowel and run them up through the loop tape to the very top. Fasten the top of the Roman shade to a 1"x2" batten, and screw eye loops into the batten. Run the drawstrings through the eye loops and down one side of the finished bargain Roman shade.

Generally speaking, the cheapest bargain Roman shade will be white muslin. This common, inexpensive cloth makes and excellent bargain Roman shade because it folds gently and filters out most light. But it still allows enough light to penetrate to give a room a nice glow.

Finding a bargain Roman shade gives you a good feeling. Finding a bargain Roman shade that fits your decor is a big plus, too. Shopping online for a bargain Roman shade is probably the easiest and fastest way to find one.