Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades not only give an exotic look to your window treatments, but also are environmentally friendly because of the natural fiber used in making them. Bamboo shades are window coverings that may not control light infiltration as much as other sorts of shades, but they are great at blocking heat from the sun's UV rays. The various finishes and decorations available on bamboo shades lets you create just the look and feel you want for your room -- be it inside or out.

Are you looking for a natural way to cover your windows? Bamboo shades may be an option that you want to consider for your windows, as well as other natural fabrics and fibers. Bringing elements from the outdoors into your home can give your home more of a welcoming and warm feeling. If you like the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, you will want to include your window coverings in your decorating.

Bamboo shades can be made of woven grass, wood, or reeds, but no matter what they are made of, they are commonly all called bamboo shades. The woven design of these shades gives them a natural feel and look that cannot be matched. They also help to add texture and interest to the room and windows. The natural material of these beautiful shades is what draws many people to them. These fun shades can be easily raised and lowered to allow a homeowner to see the view outside of the home, too.

Bamboo shades come in many different color shades and sizes to help you find the ones that fit your room and your window perfectly. Adding curtains or a valance over your bamboo shades can add interest to your window. Some bamboo shade manufacturers offer a colored tape that runs down the sides to help keep the bamboo in good condition. These colored tapes come in many different colors so you will want to determine which color tape that you want if it is offered on the shades that you are considering. Whether you add curtains or a valance, you will want to use your imagination to create a beautiful, natural look for your window that you will love.

Other natural options that you could consider for your window include grass cloth Roman shades or even real or faux wood blinds. The grass cloth Roman shades will instantly make any room feel homier and warmer with their natural look and feel. Wood blinds, whether real or faux, will go with just about any decor and style, which makes them versatile enough for many different paint and decor changes. Research the different shade and blind options that are available and determine which ones will look the best in your room and meet your needs.

Natural fabric shades are also available, including shades using cotton fabric, arrowroot fibers, and even silk. Choosing natural materials helps to give your room that outdoor, open feeling and brings some of the outdoors into your home. Many people choose natural fibers to help the environment, but the beauty of the natural fibers and materials can speak for themselves. The natural fabric shades come in different styles of shades, including Roman shades, roller shades, and pleated shades, which will make it more likely that you will find exactly the look that you are searching for.

Whether you choose bamboo shades, wood blinds, or another natural shade option, you are sure to find that these shades make your room instantly look more natural and inviting.