Bali Shades

Bali shades are just one approach to your window treatments. A window covering can be used to block sun or provide privacy. What do you want your shades to do?

Bali is a well-known manufacturer of shades and blinds. Bali shades are just one type of window treatment offered by this company.

Bali shades start with the traditional roller or roll-up design. But all Bali shades come with a continuous loop clutch mechanism instead of the unreliable spring-loaded axle arrangement. Roll-up Bali shades also come with squared-off valances to hide the roller axle and clutch parts. Even the chain of the clutch mechanism is color-coordinated to match the rest of the shade. Bali shades are available in a range of light-filtering to full-blackout fabrics and in many colors.

Bali Diamond Cell Cellular Shades also come in a full range of options. There are single-cell and double-cell shades. The double-cell shades are designed to black out a room. The single-cell shades come in fabrics of different opacity to filter different degrees of light. The cells can be 3/8 inches or ¾ inches in height. There are literally dozens of colors and fabric styles from which to choose. Bali Diamond Cell Cellular Shades are among the most popular Bali shades. The excellent insulating properties of cellular shades, especially double-cell designs, may be part of the reason.

Bali Solar Shades filter and reduce light while maintaining your view of the outdoors. They cut down on harmful ultraviolet radiation exposure and keep rooms cool and comfortable. According to Bali, the darker the fabric the better the glare control and visibility, while lighter fabrics give greater control over the temperature in a room. Bali Solar Shades come in weaves of different densities, called 5 or 10 per cent “openness”, meaning that either 5 or 10 per cent of the fabric is open air. Bali Solar Shades come in many colors and patterns. Every Bali Solar Shade has a continuous loop clutch mechanism.

Bali Natural Shades are what many people call "match stick" shades. They are made of long, thin sticks of natural materials (bamboo, sisal, grass cloth, jute, and plain old straw) in a palette of earth colors ranging from whitewash to ebony. The type of material determines the degree of light filtering that one will achieve; some fibers are more opaque than others. Also, some styles of match stick Bali shades are woven more loosely than others. A six-inch valance of plastic comes standard with these Bali shades; it can be upgrade to a nine-inch or hardwood valance. Match stick Bali shades can also be ordered with a variety of edge trims.

Bali also makes several lines of blinds, including a 2-inch faux wood vinyl slat blind that is much less expensive than real wood. The Bali composite wood blinds come in 2 or 2-1/2 inch slats, and more options than that low-end faux wood style. Both styles have optional "no holes" design, apparently a method of stringing the slats so that no holes are visible and you are not visible through the holes; a nice privacy feature. The wood blinds offer several tape options to give your window a classier look, and even infrared remote controls to tilt the blinds on demand or automatically adjust to outside light levels.

All Bali shades and blinds come with a lifetime warranty.