Bali Blinds

Bali blinds offer a mysterious look to your decorating, especially if you use Balinese finishing touches to the blinds. Not only do they look great, but also they help create a healthy environment because they are made of natural fibers that don't off-gas like petrochemical-based window coverings do. You can get Bali blinds made in roman or roll-up style shades, as well as in curtains or draperies.

Indonesian-inspired, exotic Bali blinds, styled with hints of mystery and character, these types of blinds are from far away places, and are chosen for their durability and design, organic qualities and capacity for adding that special touch to your home. These blinds are becoming more popular with many home owners, especially those wanting a different look in their home.

Reminiscent Javanese royalty styling, the discerning homeowner creates an exotic look in the rooms they hang this type of blind in. Indonesian craft, culture and artisanship influence, shape and characterize Bali blinds, letting you benefit from the best the "Island of the God" has to offer.

You can find a wide array of attractive blinds in a variety of shapes, design styles, colors and finishes. You have options like Roman blinds or shades, or roll-up blinds or shades. The materials often used in making Bali blinds include bamboo, vetiver root, (fragrant grass root locally referred to as akar wangi), sea-grass and batik fabrics. Other than the batik fabrics, the colors of these blinds tend to be natural tones of browns, tans and rusts. As a quick aside, you can also order curtains and draperies made of vetiver root and have them dyed and sewn to your specifications.

If you are looking for high-quality, top-line, brand-design, custom, imported, window coverings, draperies, home-wares and interior decorating products for doors and windows, from the beautiful and awe-inspiring Bali, look no further. The products of choice have found you!

One of the beauties of Bali blinds is that you have a variety of colors to choose from. The patterns and designs of the unique weaves contribute to not only the beauty but also the unique look you want for your home. And you can add style and interest with the stitching. For the final touch to make your Bali blinds unique and to fit your decor, you can select hand-painted designs, roots and other natural elements sewn right into the fabric, and different sorts of tassel to complete your look.

A wide variety of Bali blinds and shades are available in the global marketplace. You can create the ambience you want in your decor by creating Bali blinds to fit each room and set of windows. Your home decorating and window treatments go hand-in-hand, so you can combine your Bali blinds with other room elements to create that designer look.

Bali blinds are environmentally friendly window treatments because of their natural materials. This aspect of their construction allows your rooms to "breathe" and not pollute the air with petrochemical gasses. Between the exotic look and the healthy environment you create with Bali blinds, you are creating a calming, soothing effect, one that invites you to pause, relax and rejuvenate from a long day.

Your Bali blind choices will let you be exotic and daring, healthy and relaxed, and invite mysterious elements from the "Island of the Gods" into your home or office.