Are Curtains Popular Window Treatments

Are you asking yourself, "are curtains popular window treatments" as you decorate (or redecorate) your home? You won't ever go wrong with curtains, though they may not always be the right solution for your decor and specific window treatment. They are great window coverings because they let you control climate, light and privacy in a variety of ways.

Curtains come in many varieties and remain one of the most popular window treatments of all time. Different styles of curtains are more popular than others, and the styles go in and out of fashion all the time.

Sheer curtains are popular in many home settings because they allow light in but also provide some privacy. Sheer curtains fall either to the windowsill or to the floor. The trend today is towards sheer curtains that are a little more than floor length, allowing the bottom of the curtains to "puddle" on the floor. This look, which softens the lines of a room, is one of the most popular window treatments right now.

Lined curtains in heavier fabrics are a popular classic window treatment. Lined curtains are especially popular in winter months, when they help hold heat indoors. But more and more people are going with a lighter, airier look that requires less maintenance than lined curtains, which need dry cleaning. A lined curtain should be hung from rings strung on a curtain rod, with finials at either end. All of the hardware should be coordinated, of course. This popular window treatment is seldom enough on its own. Lined curtains that hang or are swagged to either side of a window opening require some additional treatment over the window itself, such as shades or blinds.

While curtains remain popular window treatments, they compete with others. Venetian blinds are the most popular window treatment, although they are often paired with curtains. Wooden and fabric blinds have replaced metal as the most popular material for these window treatments. Wood, in particular, look great in kitchens, dens, and bedrooms.

Shutters and curtains do not go well together, obviously. Curtains remain more popular than shutters mainly because of the latter’s cost. As window treatments go, you are much more likely to encounter curtains than shutters.

Some shades work with curtains, while others do not. Bulky shades such as Roman or balloon shades would ride up against curtains when they are raised. So would bamboo shades that form a thick roll from their bottoms. Traditional roller or roll-up shades make popular window treatments when paired with curtains.

Swagged curtains are popular window treatments in kitchens and bathrooms. They are usually veered from the center of the curtain’s top to about halfway down the sides.

Cafe curtains, also popular window treatments, are often paired with swagged curtains to provide privacy. Cafe curtains usually cover the bottom one-third to one-half of a window, hanging from a horizontal curtain rod. Shirred cafe curtains are fixed in the closed position, sometimes by fastening them to a wooden strip along the bottom of the window. Shirred curtains are often used in eating areas or in kitchen windows.

Curtains are popular window treatments and will remain so indefinitely. This popularity is due to curtains' flexibility, elegance, softness, and style. There will always be room for curtains in any home. Indeed, it is very rare to find a home that has no curtains in it anywhere.