Arch Window Coverings

Unusually shaped windows present an interesting challenge when it comes to window coverings. The Palladian window, with its arch offers an opportunity for drama and a solution for covering it that puts the finishing touch on your room. Arch window coverings can be fixed or operational. You can select from curtains, blinds or shades, and utilize materials that will compliment or contrast with your room decor. Window treatments decorate a window, allow light control, and help insulate.

Do you have arched windows in your home, or plan to use them in your home? Many new homes are built with arched windows, but many homeowners do not know how to cover them to make the most of this architectural detail. Arch window coverings should enhance the beauty of your window, rather than working to hide the arched window behind heavy straight hung curtains. What are some options for covering your arched windows?

Arch window coverings vary in their design and use, but one of the options that you have is to use curtains. Not straight-hung curtains, but beautiful curtains that are hung on a flexible or curved curtain rod using locking curtain clips that fit along the curve of the arched window. This approach will help show off the arch of the window rather than hide it. Choosing a curtain that coordinates with the room's decorating style will also help to give the window interest and help to make it a focal point. Your choices in fabrics for curtains can vary from more casual to formal and you are sure to find a fabric that catches your eye for your curtains.

Another option in arch window coverings is window blinds or shades. These shades follow the curve of the window and come in two different forms; you can select from either fixed permanent shades that don't raise or lower, or ones that open and close. Determining which degree of light control that you need for the room in question is essential in making this decision. Once you have made this determination, you are ready to decide what style of blind or shade that you want for the window. The choices vary from all different kinds of wood blinds, fabric, and honeycomb shades, in all different color variations, too. If you like window shades or blinds, you will certainly find an arched variety that will fit your needs and your desires.

Using the arched windows as part of your decorating is a wonderful idea. The unusual architecture of these windows can make them a focal point in an otherwise boring room, if they are treated correctly. Letting their beauty shine through window treatments and coverings that fit this area will only help to enhance the windows rather than detract from them. Research your arch window coverings choices to determine which ones will work best for you to create a look that you will love.

Arch window coverings can be custom fitted to your particular arch or you can measure the arch and order window coverings at your home improvement store or online. Using a professional can give you the added assurance that your arched window coverings will fit your particular window perfectly to your complete satisfaction, but if you measure carefully, you can get the same fit and look on your own. Research your choices to determine which one is right for you, your room, and your window. With a little effort, you can make your arched windows into the focal point that you desire.