Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds cover your windows cost effectively and colorfully. Mix and match with curtains, valances or sheers to give your window treatments a custom look. And with the ability to twirl the slats open and closed, you can let as much or little light and fresh air in as you desire. Aluminum blinds are a good solution to many decorating needs.

For upscale specialty applications, designer touches and decorative, yet functional aluminum blinds, there is a wide selection of quality products, sizes, shapes, types and custom trim and finishes available to suit all-shaped and standard windows and doors. From inexpensive mini-blinds or horizontal blinds, aluminum blinds can be an appealing finish. They do the trick by covering your windows for a reasonable price.

Made from exclusive, alluring alloys, that speak of sophistication and good taste, aluminum blinds can be fully color-coordinated to match your decor and styling. Head-rails, slats and bottom rails, openers and adjusters can either be matched with the blinds, giving an integrated look to your window treatment, or you can make them contrasting colors to give a more custom look.

Aluminum blinds are often picked as a popular window-covering for their slat-ladder spacing that does not bend or break readily. The finish can be a light, polyester paint that's baked on, or anodized to give a different look. Some other features of aluminum blinds that can make them even more appealing are their chip and crack-resistant coatings, double-slat top valances, and child-safety tassels, and adjustment wands for easy opening.

Micro and mini-aluminum blinds are fast solutions for your window treatments, offering a wide range of features, sizes and styles to cater to your whimsy and budget. You have a rainbow of colors, textures and finishes to choose from. One old-that's-new-again style is the larger-sized, 2" aluminum blinds with fuller slats that give optimal privacy and light adjustment. Aluminum blinds are especially good for covering large windows because they are lighter weight so will span the gap without sagging.

You'll find that aluminum blinds are flexible, able to bend or flex, and then bounce right back. They are sturdy and withstand even heavy traffic areas. Part of their charm is that they are evenly spaced and have neatly balanced slats that give a tidy look. Some brands offer a special coating that helps prevent dust build-up, making maintenance and cleaning a quick and easy job. You can wipe them down, dust or vacuum between the slats,or remove them for a deep soaking and cleaning. Some tips include use warm soapy water and mild cleansers; dust regularly to minimize dust build-up; use anti-static dust cloths, mitts or specialty blind cleaning tools,;cylindrical brushes or light vacuuming with a dusting brush attachment not only cleans, but also makes for a more dust-free home.

You have lots of sizing choices too. Most aluminum blinds come with standard cord-lock operating systems and are available in sizes 7-144" wide and 6-126" high to suit any drop, be it an inner or outer-mounting. You can get aluminum blinds for bay windows or sliding doors as well as conventional windows. Whether your taste and preferences is for aluminum venetian blinds, aluminum mini-blinds, aluminum vertical and horizontals, or all of the above, you can buy them in 1/2", 1" or 2" slats.

Aluminum blinds give you lots of options and fit the style you are creating in your decor. They make a great window covering treatment, blending with other window coverings to provide all that you need.